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The focus of the big cheese is to create the ultimate comfort food, poutine!

The Big Cheese is an affordable, tasty alternative to traditional quick-service restaurant (QSR) options like pizza, hamburgers, and sandwiches.

Our franchisees are part of a thriving restaurant industry where customers spend $632 billion on eating out a year, with most of the market share going to franchised restaurants like The Big Cheese.

In today’s economy, most of the growth is coming in the QSR segment where better value options, like those provided by The Big Cheese, are available!

The Big Cheese franchise opportunity offers a unique food experience with a very lucrative late-night component that complements the traditional lunch and dinner rushes.

Because of our unique ability to position our franchises in virtually any market, and service three primary eating times (lunch, dinner, and late-night), The Big Cheese is a one-of-a-kind business opportunity.

It may be time to introduce your town to this exciting new restaurant from the great white north.

Your Franchise

Had the Notorious PIG...excellent....except maybe next time I'm hung over...a small portion will do! Lol

- Michael J Cheswick

Great food great price.

- Ken Mezerecky

Great concept. Great tasty food. Great logo. Grand Slam.

- Zeze Aiyash