The Process

Setting out on his own, Big Cheese rose to fame setting shot-put and strong man records.

By combining everyone’s favorite foods over top of our mouth watering french fries, our poutine concept has created a new category of quick-service restaurants (QSR) that has very limited direct competition.

The Big Cheese provides a welcome alternative to the copycat burger, pizza, and sandwich shops that have flooded the market.

We have been able to successfully target all age groups, building a great, ever-expanding and loyal customer base and we have refined our franchising process down to a science.

The Process

Awesome visit with these 2 teenagers! Sweet 16 choice for bday meal lol So delicious!

- Jenn Petitclerc

I've only been here once and it's soooo good!!!!

- Susan McDermott

Huge servings, lots of options, decent prices, good service!

- Skylar Balcom

1. Review website franchise information

Many of your initial questions will be answered right here on our website so please browse around, particularly the sections under the "Your Franchise" section.

2. Complete The Next Step Form

Complete our form on the next step page so we can ensure a great fit. If you meet our preliminary criteria and your territory is available, a representative will be in touch with you within 2 business days.

3. Qualifying Call

Now that we have your "the first step" form you completed in step 2, we can move to the next step and have a qualifying call to further discuss some key items such as motivation, business background, and territory of interest.

4. Get Your Marketing Packet

Now that you've cleared some preliminary screening, we will send you your marketing packet specific for our franchisees.

5. Receive & Review FDD

Receive and review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which further defines the relationship between the Franchisor (us) and the Franchisee (you).

6. FDD Call

This call will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the FDD or the Franchise Agreement. It is best to speak with your attorney before this call.

7. Discover Day!

Your discovery day is generally held within 30 days of completing step 6. Discovery days are held at our corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta during which you will have the opportunity to view our operations first-hand as well as spend time with our staff and President.

8. Official Signing

At this point, if we feel that you are a strong franchisee candidate we will send you a formal written offer including your assigned territory for signing.