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So Delicious, It’s Poutine Greatness

The Big Cheese is a poutinerie and that means poutine is our passion!

You will taste our passion in our wide selection of poutine with options you will not find anywhere else. We make our poutine with fresh, locally-sourced products which creates flavor combinations like nothing you have ever tasted before.

We are number one on the planet in the “comfort-food” department, the “devilish-delight” department, and the “I had nothing but poutine for dinner, but don’t tell anyone” department.

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We’ve got all the classics of course, from beef, to chicken, to pork and yes, even vegetarian poutine, you won’t find a more delicious selection anywhere else. The Big Cheese is the center of the poutine universe.

Pop on over to our menu section and let your mouth start watering.