the big cheese mission

Our Mission

To bring Poutine to the masses using the best and freshest French fires, authentic cheese curds, and an assortment of high-quality secret recipe gravies paire with favourite food toppings from around the planet!

Deliciously unique, our never ending variety of Poutines start with Idaho grown Patatoes, fresh cut and blanched daily.

We then spread a heaping handful of locally sourced Cheese Curds over the fries and cover them with our piping hot secrete recipe gravy.

That’s just the start to the culinary explosion of flavours!


By combining everyone’s favorite foods over top of our mouth watering French fries, our Poutine Concept has created a new category of quick-service restaurants (QSR) that has very limited direct competition.

The Big Cheese provides a welcome alternative to the copycat burger, pizza and sandwich shops that have flooded the market.

We have been able to successfully target all age groups, building a great and ever-expanding and loyal customer base.

Our morning-until-late model allows us to capture the business lunch crowd, students, and anyone looking for a quick and easy alternative to cooking at home, family dinners, and the all-important late-night market!

Customers are looking for unique alternatives, and The Big Cheese provides an ideal option that combines familar favorite foods to create a meal tha ha sno equal!