The Big Cheese Market

The Big Cheese Market

Our franchisees are part of a thriving restaurant industry where consumers spent $632 billion on eating out last year alone, with most of the market share going to franchised restaurants just like The Big Cheese.

In today’s economy, most of the growth is coming in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) segment where better value options, like those provided by The Big Cheese, are becoming a top priority tot he vast majority of consumers.

The Franchise System

The Big Cheese provides franchisees with direct, hands-on, comprehensive support thereby providing the resources necessary to serve our delicious and unique menu to the consumer, while thriving under a growth business model.

Our extensive restaurant operation experience has created a leading class foundation for building a successful day-to-day operating system, and a strong growth plan for your franchise.

Site Selection & Construction

With a focus on lunch, dinner, and late-night crowds, we work with you to identify locations that meet our criteria for optimal market exposure. In addition, we assist you in all aspects of designing your franchise floor plan, selecting your contractor, and of course, ensuring that you open on time and on budget.

Operational Systems & Training

With our franchisee operational systems and training, we are able to teach you how to operate your own Poutinerie whether you have a lifetime of experience running restaurants, or this is your first time in the industry!

Our training programs walk you through everything that is required to own and operate your Poutinerie, including weeks of training in our corporate location before you open, as well as an on-site team to support you during the launch of your The Big Cheese franchise.

We’re there to make sure that you and your team fully understand all elements of running your The Big Cheese franchise, right down to the finest detail. We make sure your operation is optimized!

Ongoing Support

Our team of highly experienced franchise and restaurant operations specialists will be there to support you every step of the way. We will provide:

  • Financial direction in managing your business expenses (Food costs, Labor Costs, etc)
  • Operational guidance
  • Repair and maintenance advice
  • POS support
  • Personnel support


We provide a detailed marketing plan for your restaurant that provides you with a step-by-step format for not only your grand opening, but also the ongoing promotion of your business.

We are able to successfully provide you with our ongoing promotional contests and programs, as well as our corporate website, social media strategies and networks.

Print, television, and radio advertisements are also available, as well as our grass-roots marketing techniques such as distribution of The Big Cheese stickers and branded t-shirts to build buzz in your area prior to launch.

We share with you what works to build your business quickly.